Feral Animal Control and Management

Feral Animal Management

FVR is able to assess and report on any feral animal control problem in any environment pertaining to vertebrate pests. Reporting is catered to the clients requirements in the context of their industry. Consulting services also include the ability to conduct training and mentoring of selected staff (volunteers and selected staff) to enable longer term organic solutions to identified problems. FVR is also able to deliver comprehensive feral animal management strategies in consideration of relevant State and Federal policies and legislation that are catered to a client’s specific situation and requirements to enable ongoing effective management.

Ground shooting

Ground shooting operations are able to be utilised in conjunction with a number of other techniques utilising highly specialised firearms and equipment that are specifically catered to the feral animal species being targeted. FVR utilises a set a detailed set of ground shooting SOPs to ensure that quality control of works conducted is maintained at the highest level.

Aerial shooting

Aerial shooting operations have an inherent level of risk and as such are conducted in accordance with FVRs aerial shooting SOPs and high level risk management documentation to enable quality works and ensure that animal welfare standards are applied at the highest level possible. Aerial shooting operations can be conducted out of multiple different airframes based on risk management requirements, the species being targeted, the altitude of the control area, the endurance required and any additional client requirements or stipulation.

Both Piston and turbine aircraft can be utilised and FVR has a number of habitual relationships with aviation companies throughout Australia. Where possible, FVR will utilise a local experienced air frame provider to reduce overall costs and ensure local communities benefit from programs that are run.

Thermal shooting

We operate high end thermal spotting and shooting equipment which enables fast detection and subsequent destruction of feral pests. Whilst thermal equipment is useful on all feral animal species, it provides a significant edge for control operations pertaining to feral pigs and feral cats. FVR has extensive experience and proven results utilising this equipment in a number of different environments. Thermal shooting programs are the number one choice for complex feral animal control problems.

Predator trapping operations

Soft-catch trapping is a very effective method in selected areas for the conduct of feral predator control. FVR has over 20 years experience in trapping operations and achieves exceptional results during all programs conducted. FVR is able to conduct comprehensive training on soft-catch trapping through workshops and mentoring programs to enable skills to be developed by relevant staff to grow organic capability for the client.

High risk shooting/control operations

We are licensed to conduct urban shooting operations for everything from feral pigeons to wild dogs and feral pigs (all feral animal species). This niche capability is covered through detailed urban shooting SOPs that are 100% focused on safety and approved by QLD Police. Anywhere from a backyard to a council compound is workable – FVR has extensive experience in managing and conducting these types of programs and has equipment specifically designed to achieve high end results safely.

These operations are underpinned by an extensive understanding of exterior and terminal ballistics which enable safe and risk managed operations. FVR is able to provide a number of successful case studies of effective and safe control programs across multiple feral animal species in urban environments on request from potential clients.

Feral Animal Control through discrete operations.

FVR understands that not all clients wish to publicise that they are conducting lethal feral animal control operations. FVR habitually operates in a discrete manner and ensures that clients and program details remain confidential at all times.

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